Learning to Like Our Looks and Ourselves
    A practical guide for women

   Updated Edition Gurze Books, 2002

While we all want to look and feel attractive, the search often leaves many of us at odds with our own image. Whether we are struggling with diets that don’t work or makeovers that don’t fit, dissatisfaction with appearance can erode our self-esteem. Bodylove affirms our basic right to like our looks and explains how that goal can be achieved.

Combining vivid case examples, research, practical techniques and simple exercises, this book shows how to reduce negative thoughts and build Bodylove, by finding a better fit between the mind’s eye and the mirror’s image.

Learn how to:
  • Become less critical and concerned with your looks
  • Overcome self-consciousness, fear and guilt
  • Get in touch with your sensuality
  • Feel more attractive by making over from within

Bodylove: Learning to like our looks and ourselves.
       First Edition. HarperCollins, 1988. Hardcover & Trade Paperback.
    Foreign Editions in British, Spanish, German,      Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese

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